This service helps groups of people to improve their meetings through specific activities and practices.

These group dynamics enable decision making, problem solving, and exchanging ideas.

We manage group events to ensure goals are effectively met

We design favorable environments to create synergies, providing spaces and dynamics to draw on everyone's ideas. As facilitators we help groups to keep their conversation focused. We make sure every voice is heard.
Our goal is creating a space where magic happens!

Our services

Facilitación gráfica

Graphic facilitation

We use graphic displays to illustrate conversations, speeches, presentations, and teamwork outcomes. This discipline is also called graphic recording, which builds shared understanding and provides memory hooks with powerful imagery. We also run Graphic facilitation workshops.

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Innovación y creatividad

Creativity and Innovation

We make events that boost new-ideas generation, as well as its implementation.

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Planificación estratégica

Strategic planning

We facilitate sessions between teams and managers in order to achieve strategic goals.

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Dinámicas y eventos

Dynamics and events

We design environments for team-building. We focus on ideas and solutions co-creation.

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