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Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

Be the Change Agent to improve the World of Work!

Learn Scrum through practice, having fun at this workshop! You will live the values and principles of this framework for product and service development.

It gets deeper in the Scrum Master accountabilities, challenges and skills to master. At the end of the course you will be ready to take the exam and get certified by Scrum Alliance.


Like any agile approach, Scrum has its own challenges. Its model is easy to understand, but its adoption needs a mindset shift, away from traditional approaches, and lots of experimentation. The Scrum framework is "purposefully incomplete", with no detailed description of working processes, but with a series of healthy restrictions to maximize feedback and enable continuous improvement. This is the foundation for a team to reach and sustain their maximum potential, constantly inspecting and adapting their own model or work.

This course presents the basic elements and mechanics of Scrum (its accountabilities, events and artifacts) but every time going back to its pillars and values, providing clarity in why Scrum works, not only how. By understanding these principles you would be able to help your teams to improve their internal dynamics, their ability to innovate, and their ability to achieve extraordinary outcomes on a frequent basis.

Certified Training

To achieve these Learning Objectives, this workshop is facilitated by an experienced professional, internationally approved by Scrum Alliance as a Certified Scrum Trainer after an exhaustive peer-review process. This accreditation process ensures your trainer has proven and valuable experience in several industries, is a recognized member of the agile community, keeps in contact and updated with the rest of the global Scrum Trainers community, and have a thorough understanding of the Learning Objetives and the Scrum Guide.

Practice - Practice - Practice

You might already guess how you will spend most of your time during the course: PRACTICING. Our training style is based on short concept introduction and many exercises for you to experiment with mind and body the challenges Scrum helps to solve. You will have plenty of hands-on practice on Scrum approaches, also discovering many potential paths to keep learning and trying different techniques after the course finished, on your daily work with your teams.


Once the workshop is finished, you will be ready to take the exam to become a Certified Scrum Master, under approval of Scrum Alliance.

The exam is online, in multiple-choice format, with 50 questions, and you have 90 days after the course is finished, although we strongly recommend taking it within the week after the course.

Once you pass the test, you will get your certificate credentials.

A sample of the online experience:
a group activity during a virtual class

A sample of the in-person experinece:
a view of the room during an in-person workshop

Enjoy your Training!

Beyond our experience with Scrum, Kleer is recognized by using training techniques that are effective, enjoyable, and unforgettable. During the course you will be working on many collaborative activities, where you will discover and reinforce every concept, put them in practice, and reflect on them to understand its underlying principles. The purpose is not that you know what to do, but to understand why doing it this way. Scrum encourages you to learn how to constantly adapt, instead of learning something you have to repeat.

Mission accomplished!

During this workshop you will work with your team planning, synchronizing, reviewing, retrospecting, and refining your plans. All of that several times! You will also get deeper in Scrum accountabilities, mostly on the Scrum Master's, helping you build your own skill development plan for Mentoring, Training, Facilitation and Coaching. You will also reflect on how to apply these skills to help your teams, your stakeholders and the whole organization.


  • Access to the Online Test to become a Certified Scrum Master

  • Two Years of Membership to Scrum Alliance, providing exclusive content and benefits

  • Bibliography and resources to use before, during and after the course

  • A personal Development Plan as Scrum Master

  • For in-person course: coffee break and lunch during the two days

  • For online courses: access and learning of collaboration platform and techniques you can take advantage with your own teams

Who should attend?

People working in:
- Product Development Teams
- Technical or Functional Leadership
- Project Management
- Facilitation or Coordination
- Organizational Consulting
- Startups or Innovation Teams

but also those seeking to solve some of the following challenges:

  • Adapting to VUCA contexts (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity).
  • Developing Autonomous and Enthusiastic Teams
  • Continuous Improvement in Product or Service Quality
  • Healthier, more transparent Organizations
  • Building Abilities for Experimentation and Innovation
  • Sustainable Working Rhythms
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction


You will get to know the origin story for the Agile Manifesto and its main drivers, and you will work on its principles, reflecting on the challenges it poses to your own context. Then you will be introduced to Scrum, its purpose, pillars and values, before starting to play around its basic mechanics.


  • Agile Manifesto Values and Principles
  • Scrum, its purpose, pillars and values
  • Overview of Scrum Events, Artifacts and Accountabilities

You will get to know the main artifacts in Scrum, how to use them, and how they promote iterative product development.


  • The Product Backlog, its Items and their features
  • Iterating by Sprints
  • Co-creating a Product Backlog, and how it drives early outcomes
  • The Increment and how it stop the needs for "status reports"
  • Building and evolving the Definition of Done for ever-improving quality

You will get into a sample scenario where you will practice every event within the Sprint, alternating a short intro to the concept and principles behind with the actual practice, and reflecting on how they work with each other, and how you can adapt them to be more effective.


  • How to run a Sprint Planning, co-creating a Sprint Backlog, including a clear Sprint Goal
  • How to setup and facilitate a building time for the Developers on a Scrum Team
  • How to hold a Daily Scrum, for Developers to synchronize
  • How to inspect the Increment with Stakeholders during the Sprint Review
  • How to co-design improvement experiments in the Sprint Retrospective

At this point in the course you will have a basic understanding of duties and responsibilities for the different Scrum Team members, but then you will get deeper into each responsibilities and restrictions, also analyzing how team members interact.


  • Scrum Team: main features and constraints
  • Developers: how this group is formed and how they operate
  • Scrum Product Owner: responsibilities, tasks and expected behavior
  • Scrum Master: why having a Facilitator and Change Agent is completely different from a PM
  • Stakeholders: a first view at outside people collaborating with the Scrum Team

These two final blocks focus work on many of the challenges participants identify during previous exercises, as well as on their previous experiences working with Scrum Teams. You will be research and practice on the four basic skills, and do strategical thinking about services to Developers, the Product Owner and the Organization.


  • Scrum Master Core Skills: Mentoring, Training, Facilitation and Coaching
  • Servant Leadership
  • Technical Excellence
  • Services to the Product Owner
  • Organizational Challenges to Scrum Adoption

During this final exercise your Scrum Team will develop a full product from scratch, through several Sprints, practicing all what you learned, identifying and overcoming different challenges.


  • Setting a Product Vision
  • Building the initial Product Backlog, including its Product Goal
  • Planning every Sprint, building the Increment and synchronizing
  • Inspecting the Increment with Stakeholders at Sprint Review
  • Running Sprint Retrospectives to improve your team
  • Refine the Product Backlog

Frecuently ask questions

Attendance to the two-days workshop, all the materials, access to the certification test (after attending the whole course) and after passing the exam, your certification and two years of membership to Scrum alliance.

It is two whole days, scheduled as
- 4 blocks lasting 1:50 hs
- 20 minutes break mid-morning
- 60 minutes lunch break
- 20 minutes break mid-afternoon

It is intense, but there are 7 hours of activity each day, with stretching exercises, plenty of fun and focused work with your team, beside the breaks.

Do I have to take the exam to be certified?

Yes. You have to pass the exam after finishing the course. Keep reading for more information.

Is the Exam included in the price?

Yes. The price includes the Exam and the certification after passing it.

How the Exam works and when do I have to take it?

The exam is taken online (at Scrum alliance website), with 50 multiple-choice questions.

You have 90 days to take it after the course. We strongly recommend to take it a few days after the course, when you have all the content still fresh in your mind, and you don't need anything else to be prepared.

How much time do I have, and what's the passing score?

You have 60 minutes from the start and you need at least 37 correct answers to pass.

How do I prepare for the Exam?

The two-days course prepares you. That's why we don't recommend taking too long to take the exam. Around a week after the course you probably don't need to check anything else. In any case, you might re-read the Scrum Guide and the Agile Manifesto.

What happens if I don't pass?

After the course you have two chances to take the exam included in the price. If you still don't pass the exam the second time (with happens less than 0.05% of our students), you can contact us, and Scrum Alliance to provide you with further chances (Scrum Alliance might have a small charge for those).

How do I verify my Certification?

After passing the Exam, your Scrum Alliance profile will highlight your Certification, and you ca also download a PDF certificate there. You can also bind your certification with your LinkedIn profile by following their instructions. Scrum Alliance will notify you trough email about the whole process, and we can also help if you have any question.

How much the Certification lasts, and how it is renewed?

Passing the Exam you get certified, and your membership to Scrum Alliance is active for two years.

Every Scrum Alliance certification you already have is automatically renewed when you obtain another certification, o you can keep them active by renewing your membership by following the process detailed on their website's Renewals page.